Broadcast Pro – Transform your safety methods with Broadcast Pro
At the point when organizations are requested to identify the areas of improvement after any catastrophe, definitely, “communication” appears as a standout amongst the most critical areas for development. “Communication” is, obviously, a wide subject; in any case, there is one remark that is presumably heard more than any others: “Communication should be quick and relevant.”If that’s been your company’s experience, this webinar concentrates on four-building blocks that will help take care of this long-standing issue.
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Broadcast Pro

We want you safe – from the moment you land on the foreign land to the time you are back home. This is why Broadcast Pro has designed and patented the world’s most reliable safety app that not only alerts you of the possible risks near you while you are travelling internationally, it also helps you find the safe haven, enables you to send SOS alerts, and provides you the details of any unsafe location in the area so that you don’t run into it. It’s global monitoring system enables you to track, monitor and manage your people on real time basis so you respond to potential or imminent threats and keep your people safe. The platform also enables you to integrate Geo fencing to meet your needs. Broadcast Pro keeps you safe with the following integrated features.
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Clay CRM

Clay CRM – Clay CRM refers to software that lets companies track every interaction with current and future customers. Though the software capabilities can change depending on which provider you’re using, the software itself is usually just referred to by the acronym, CRM.

Most CRMs will have features for keeping track of prospect and customer names, emails, and phone numbers. Others can track phone calls, log emails sent to prospects, and keep track of prospects’ social media feeds. More advanced and complex ones can rotate leads to the right sales reps and log interactions with customer support teams.
Regardless of the features in place, the goal of implementing a CRM is to create a system that your company (most often the sales and marketing teams) can use to more efficiently and effectively interact with prospects or customers.

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Enterprise Mobility

We plan Enterprise Mobility Solutions that encourage consistent availability without compromising with security concerns. Clay Tech extends solutions to revamp clients’ business and make them realize the potential in mobility.

With highly experienced experts, we help customers design mobile strategy and work with their IT team to deploy mobile solutions across the enterprise.

Mobility has been the most disruptive innovation that has transformed the whole game of business & technology services over the last 10 years. Especially in last 5 years, the revolution in mobility has been at the speed of light.
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Workflow and Ticket Management System

Our workflow management tools are designed for power, flexibility, and bringing process agility. Designing automated workflow processes was never this simple. You can connect tasks to create a custom workflow that streamlines your business process while replacing manual steps with powerful automation.
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Digital Learning Solutions

In today’s climate where everyone talks about beating a price war situation, building better technologies, adding more customer value proposition etc, one of the biggest challenges businesses face today is positioning their products and services for maximum marketability. In most industries, all the players have access to basically the same technology and resources; thus, the products they turn out are very similar in terms of features, benefits and pricing. In such a climate, what is the USP of one brand over the other? Like we understood, since our product and our competitors’ products are similar, the differentiating factor is service, or to be more specific, customer service. I believe that if we put our focus on customer service at every stage of the business, we would emerge as leaders among our competitors.

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Identity management (ID management) is the hierarchical procedure for recognizing, confirming and approving people or group of people to approach applications, frameworks or systems by giving user rights and restrictions with established identities. The organized names can likewise refer to software that needs access to organizational systems.

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Business Process Management

Business processes are at core of what makes a business stand out—and what differentiates it from the competition. Business processes that deliver the promise of, business visibility, operational experience, and agility give the firm a winning edge over the competition. Especially In today’s world, where change is the only constant and with newer challenges every day, the need to innovate is imperative. Business performance analysis involves the application of strategic, tactical, and operational methods according to different criteria: target group, aggregation of results, and the time factor. Business performance is typically associated with the figures used to measure financial success, such as revenues, profits, cash flow, etc. Normally; however, it is not possible to influence these financial indicators directly; rather, they are the result of business processes that represent the organization’s operational activities.
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BPO Service

We have positioned ourselves as an emerging leader in the space of BPO services. Terrah Technologies is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the space of BPO.

Today, the world markets have developed to be very industry, process and fragment particular, and there has been a noteworthy move from the underlying days of business process services that was generally less complex. Clients now expect business process services suppliers to convey best-in-class operations, and additionally the change required with a specific end goal to be the best in their separate ventures. It’s not any more about operational measurements and SLAs alone, it’s about end-to-end process measurements and business results.

At Clay Tech, we comprehend this changing need of clients, and our point is to amuse you through a blend of operational perfection, industry mastery and change abilities. The operational greatness originates from our experience of banding together with different worldwide customers throughout the years, and the business ability depends on our concentration in select industry verticals at Clay Tech.
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RPA Service

RPA content – Buying the equipment and programming for quickly advancing advancements like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Drones can be sufficiently hard. Holding rare assets to oversee and run such a framework can be significantly harder. We make it simple for our customers to move to more up to date innovations by offering “RPA Solutions As-a-Service”, rapidly scaling up or down contingent upon your business needs. We have the arrangements and oversee them for you, while you appreciate the results and pay-as-you-go.

This frees your best assets from routine assignments to concentrate only on business engagements/enhancements, process improvement and change management.
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Web & Mobile App Development

Clay Tech emerges with regards to quality mobile application development. With capacities of on-board business analysts, UI & UX designers, native iOS and Android engineers, cross-platform engineers, testing and IT support, we give unmatched mobile application development services to build solutions that solve genuine issues.

For over 3 years now, Clay Tech has effectively delivered mobile solutions for applications across multiple business verticals. With focus on our customers’ prosperity we build custom mobile application solutions that harden their plan of action, empowering mobility.
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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing VAPT

Vulnerability management can be characterized as “the recurrent routine with regards to distinguishing, ordering, remediating, and relieving vulnerabilities”. Organizations utilize vulnerability administration to preemptively safeguard against the abuse of vulnerabilities in organization applications, programming, and systems. Associations that can successfully actualize vulnerability administration will be fundamentally more secure from information ruptures and robbery.
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