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What is Robotic Process Automation RPA?

Buying the equipment and programming for quickly advancing advancements like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Drones can be sufficiently hard. Holding rare assets to oversee and run such a framework can be significantly harder. We make it simple for our customers to move to more up to date innovations by offering “robotic process automation solutions”, rapidly scaling up or down contingent upon your business needs. We have the arrangements and oversee them for you, while you appreciate the results and pay-as-you-go.

This frees your best assets from routine assignments to concentrate only on business engagements/enhancements, process improvement, and change management.






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Our RPA Service Provides

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    Identify business processes that are ready for automation. We usually target the backend business processes like Inventory management, billing and other non-facing customer verticals.

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    Perform a feasibility assessment and then formulate a complexity estimate to in order to calculate the expected ROI with this automation.

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    Build the bots as per the workflow of the business process without encouraging any disturbance in the other LOBs of the organization.

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    Review and Testing

    This RPA process automation requires a very strong review and testing in order to perform such strong change management in the organization.

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    Deployment with seamless transition

    Once the testing is successfully performed, its time to deploy the production bots from the sandbox environment to the live one.

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    Grow and sustain

    Once you’ve achieved initial success, expand your COE and create a bigger pool of processes to automate.


Our RPA Services supports every business with its widespread benefits

  • Fastest ROI

    Our robot costs 3 times not as much as a full-time representative, while outflanking him. Our robots are error free and they work independently.

  • Limitless automation

    Our RPA process automation as extensible engineering imbued with a prescient examination, psychological abilities and computerized reasoning that can mechanize a regularly expanding number of complex procedures into a bot-driven process

  • Quick Implementation

    By joining intuitive tools, adaptable innovation and best-in-class strategy, We help organizations, in the speediest way that is available.

  • Global deployment

    Make a workforce that performs at low costs, around the world. Our arrangements permit self-sufficient clients from different specialty units and locations to work from one single secure server, by means of cloud or on premises.

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Our inventory process management has now become faster, more accurate. Thanks to your robots, Clay Tech!
David Bell, Customer