Hyper-local online platform
Over a million

Business case

A hyper local online platform was needed which would connect its subscribers with local vendors by offering lucrative “Discount Time Schedule” where buyer can walk-in the vendor’s place and buy or avail the discount / offer benefits. The platform needed not to be directly or in-directly involved in any product delivery activities. The rationale was to work hard to bring your world, closer to you. Whether its fine dining, relaxing at the top spas, or just discovering your city intimately, Happy Hours makes it happen for you.It also offers its merchants a strong branding and visibility-led platform that enables customers, in and around their establishments, to easily discover their businesses.

Our Approach

To deliver an agile and a complete end-to-end Hyper local geolocation based online platform to meet all the client requirements.


We developed a robust platform which included creating back end in the PHP and MySQL and three front ends, one each for Web, Android and iOS.


The result was a platform which let the registered user/buyer find the HAPPY HOURS places nearby by using the device’s Geo-Location co-ordinates. HAPPY HOURS discounts / offers were featured for limited hours for a day or it would be entire day/week/month. User was getting exact discounts /offers details by clicking on the listing advertisements and/or merchant’s banner.