Brightstar Telecomm Pvt. Ltd
Gurugram, India

Problem Statement

Brightstar wanted to perform the security review for their network and applications to assess new threats and weakness by gaining visibility of risks in design.

Our Approach

Clay Tech recommended and implemented a solution to conduct a complete VAPT for their internal and external Ips, firewalls, switches and enterprise applications.


The Solution was a combination of 2 methodologies:

Vulnerability Assessment:

Port Scanning

Network Surveying

Insecure Default Configuration

Weak / Bad Authentication

Information Leakage

Application Version Information

OS version Information

Services Configured

Penetration Testing:                                                                 

Reconnaissance, Foot Printing and Passive Scanning

Active Port Scans & Fingerprinting

Service Probing

Manual & Automated Vulnerability Assessment, Exploit Research

Password Service Strength Testing

Verification of Identified Vulnerabilities

Providing comprehensive Remediation


Client worked on the above service deliveries, findings and suggestions, and asked us to re-scan the whole environment after a few months. In the re-scan, they successfully managed to establish a robust Information Security Infrastructure


  • Help the organization in identifying programming errors that leads to cyber attacks.
  • Provide risk management.
  • Safeguards the business from loss of reputation and money.
  • Providing the organization a detailed view of potential threats faced by an application.