Business case

  • Our client is the market leaders in the Ecommerce industry and they are well equipped in all different products in the market. They had a separate warehouses in different regions where all the products are used to store. Based on the orders of the customers through website the information has to be passed to warehouse team to take up necessary action to pack the particular product to particular customer.


  • Again the warehouse team has to pass the information to the third party logistics department to ship the product. So in order to float the information, they don’t have the full-fledged and accurate connectivity solution.


  • Due to poor connectivity and patchy signals the information was not given properly to the respective departments and due to this there arises some miscommunication and delay in the orders to be processed which results in bad feedback from the customers.


  • Due to these issues our client had reached Clay Tech to get the permanent and efficient solution for their problems and Clay Tech had taken it as a challenge and started working on providing the proper solutions for them.


  • After the implementation of IOT SIM solution, the miscommunication between the departments has been reduced in the rapid manner and all the actions are performed by their respective departments on time which resulted in efficient running of the Business.


  • Hence Global IOT SIM from Clay Tech has been named as the Single shop solution in the field of connectivity globally.