Power of Enterprise Mobility in Facility Management Industry

Well, we initiated the application development work for this global player in the facility management industry 4 years ago – reporting & monitoring platform for all their managed sites. It was initially designed as web based system with a major task to standardize the daily management reporting (DMR) through this tool.

The development modules for this tool were:

  • DMR & MMR
  • Contract Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Training Management
  • Inventory Module (MRI Integrated)
  • Occupant Connect

The above modules are now running successfully on over 80+ sites.

Now, 2 years later, the client wanted to add the mobility solution to this application so they could bring the property owners and tenants too to make the work flow and communication more agile and seamless. Their business requirement was to go mobile by bringing native mobile apps so it could scale and support multiple buildings across their sites . Also, the client should be able to add or remove new buildings onto the platform on the fly without requiring downtime or code changes.

We had to build mobile apps for property occupants (owner and tenants), facility management team and the client.

Occupant: We identified two type of user in this system for occupants

  1. Tenant Login
    Has access to all available modules excluding e-poll
  1. Owner Login
    Has access to all available modules including e-poll

To make a successful app, we built the following modules in the app to gain 100% customer satisfaction:

  • Feedback
  • Club Booking
  • E Polling
  • Resident Directory
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Parking

Client: This user type would use mobile app for Dashboard: Charts, Graphs etc. for Analytical purpose. These should be specific to their access level.

Client’s landing page provides the functionality to view overall dashboard to view the live status of site / sites provided under the access of mentioned user.

User with multiple sites, may have functionality to select the particular site through dropdown and further perform drill down analysis basis their KPIs

Facility Team: This team would also have a similar dashboard feature just like the client app, however they would have more functional modules to manage their workflow and occupants requests. And therefore, we made native mobile apps with web services integrations for them with access to the same modules which were already there in their web application:-

  • DMR
  • Contract Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Key Management
  • Training
  • Attendance
  • Occupant Tickets
  • Booking Requests
  • Document Repository

This was a classic case study for Clay Tech in the space for mobility where we managed to provide an end to end platform solution with mobility:-

  • By designing and developing web and mobile apps for Android Phones and Tablets, iPhones and iPads followed by the development for web service APIs to save and retrieve data from mobile apps to the backend database.
  • By designing and developing the cross browser backend admin panel for configuring master data and reports.