Brightstar Telecomm Ptv Ltd.
Gurugram, India
Multiple; SAP, Thick Client System, Web-apps, SAML based Apps.

Business Case

  • Manual Access Request & Approval
  • Severe Audit Issue
  • Increase in non-productivity hours
  • Zero Governance of shared Access
  • Multiple Passwords Logins
  • Passwords Resets


Integrated Multi factor Authentication: Out-of-the- box support for MFA, both on a global and an application level, to secure access to critical applications. Support for both Soft-Token and SMS. Risk Elimination related to Shared IDs: Clay SSO also eliminated all risks related to shared IDs. At the time of on-boarding, the login credentials were pre- configured into the system for applications which had Shared IDs. The end user had access to these applications through the SSO dashboard without the need of logging into these applications. Multiple Password Logins: Clay SSO limits the hassle of multiple  password login to zero.  The user enters the  password on its SSO Launchpad and  unlocks all its assigned application registered on the pad.


  • Automated user provisioning and De-provisioning of applications.
  • Increase in employee productivity as employees directly log in to end point applications.
  • Auto launch applications when users logs into workstations with SSO.
  • Increased Help Desk efficiency by reducing password resets call to Zero.
  • Enhanced security to Sensitive applications via multi factor authentication along with the convenience of SSO.
  • Hide Shared ID credentials from end users and still provide access to the application via SSO.