Company -
Undisclosed - European Telecom
Location -
Spain, Barcelona
Industry -
Telecom - eSIM
Technology -

Business case

Besides many other challenges, the main problem this telecom giant was facing is generating revenue. The company has been losing a little ARPU over the years in almost every region across its entire market segment. The major challenges were:

  • Subscriber ID Fraud
  • Roaming Fraud
  • 5G Enablement
  • IoT Enablement
  • eSIM Provisioning

Solution provided by Clay Tech against each problem statement:

Tackling Subscriber ID Fraud

It occurred when a subscriber used false identification to obtain the service of this telecom. Using Clay Tech’s Blockchain technology, a private key is associated with each of the connected devices, which is difficult to steal. This private key is used as authentication in the network instead of the IMSI, which is prone to leak.

Overcome Roaming Fraud

It occurred when the home network was liable to pay for the bill but was not able to charge the subscriber for the same. It exploits two loopholes of the existing network: longer detection time and longer response time. Our Blockchain can be implemented between every pair of operators having a roaming agreement. The agreement is a smart contract that is triggered when a transaction related to a call is broadcasted on the Blockchain network and instantaneous authorisation happens. We did the exact same thing to eradicate this problem statement forever.

5G Networks and Connectivity Complexities

This company was able to accelerate their progress toward 5G by using Blockchain. With Clay Tech Blockchain, each access point can act as a monitoring node, optimising bandwidth allocation and securing it dynamically. The selection of the fastest access node among heterogeneous access networks and diverse access mechanisms will be a major achievement through 5G.

IoT and Increasing Information Insecurity

IoT cellular connections will reach billions by the next decade. The growth of IoT and increasing data insecurity are directly proportional. Our Blockchain technology can be utilized to improve data integrity, track the history of individual devices by recording a ledger of data, autonomously conducting a variety of transactions, etc. With such opportunities, the Blockchain Internet Of Things (BIoT) market is estimated to reach $254.31 billion by 2026.

eSIM Provisioning

Software-based subscription management systems were needed that would work with the upcoming software-based SIMs instead of the conventional physical SIM cards. We achieved it too.


Telecom is a big industry and big industries like telecom often have many big issues. And if blockchain has already been started solving such issues, there is no surprise that many companies and start-ups are trying to research this technology for solving telecom’s issues. Besides that, telecom companies have already trying to solve their problems using Blockchain technology. Clay Tech will always have the first mover advantage 🙂