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PicCell wireless kick-starts digital transformation with Clay CRM

PicCell wireless is a young and energetic company, but they use their youth and energy wisely. Their operations began in 2002 with a single network provider. They now offer local service and customer

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care in over 25 countries around the world. Their inspiration was to better serve the clients that seemed to fall through the cracks in the wireless industry’s giant monolith; world travelers and study abroad students. Large national wireless providers are focused on the biggest piece of the pie; they are not.

Fast growth and development have almost overshadowed its operational ability, setting off a strong digital transformation. The essential objective is to get the management and each line of business together with a consistent stream of information.

Brandon Ferrante, CEO, said, “”We didn’t have simple access to information on our clients and undertakings, which affected client benefit. We saw the Clay CRM Customer Success Platform as an approach to turn that around, giving us a steady stream of rich information to benefit clients quicker and drive new business doors.”

Before Clay CRM, PicCell Wireless was working through spreadsheets and messages and emails to understand client necessities, which was a major deplete on time and assets.

PicCell Wireless was additionally missing points of interest around their customization and inclinations – information it expected to convey fast service. Delays in the business are exorbitant for clients – consistently that PicCell Wireless equipment is inactive within their sites loses the customer revenue. It realized that to be successful it needed to put the customer first and eliminate that loss.

Clay CRM builds trust with clients by organizing and prioritizing service objectives

“When we heard that Clay CRM’s rationale is to connect with clients in a radical new manner, it was not a troublesome choice to go down the way of the Clay CRM Customer Success Platform to address information silos that would eventually expel friction from our client service delivery,” said Mr. Ferrante.

Change requires significant investment in the manufacturing space, however in only three months Clay

CRM has accomplished momentous progress.

PicCell Wireless expects to differentiate itself in the market as a clear leader in service and is fast understanding this ambition. Agents and engineers now have a total perspective of clients, items and supplies in a single place that is easy to access from anyplace. It implies they’re prepared to tackle issues quicker to limit client downtime and revenue loss.

PicCell Wireless was additionally quick to empower its workforce on cell phones, giving them the capacity to update and get access to information while on the go. It’s enhancing information accuracy and real-time visibility into client accounts.

The greatest win for PicCell Wireless is that its leaders at long last have an end-to-end view of leads and can track these in Clay CRM. They additionally have rich analytics readily available continuously in the rea, time KPI based dashboards, make decision-making faster and deliver a key perspective of new open doors in the market.

“Back in the days, reporting and reviews were quarterly and it was hard to get an exact forecast. To expand market, share and contend globally, we required more insights and a bigger picture of the business which Clay CRM gives. It’s extremely extended our perspective and educated choices like where we ought to outsource,” clarified Mr. Ferrante

Additionally, for the very first time, Management detailed reporting on customer issues and resolutions. It can track the progress of key projects and examine the accomplishment of marketing efforts. Furthermore, it’s this all-encompassing perspective of how every line of business interoperates that is having the greatest effect to the client experience.

“Our business technique is presently data driven and analytics are preparing for business development,” said Mr. Ferrante.

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