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BPO Services

Business Process outsourcing services provided in India by Clay Tech have been exceptional, in terms of customer experience. There have been multiple yet different issues with my previous telecom subscribers, however, I am thankful for not having to face these issues with Clay” – said Brandon Ferrante – CEO, PicCell Wireless

The various services offered are the same as any other company, though the quality is ‘Exceeding expectations’ and will give any customer a WOW experience.

Our competencies define our existence in the space of BPO services: –

Training – Learning and Development, Research and Development, Process and Voice and Accent training.

Quality – Strategic Quality team, Transactional Quality team

Operations –Multi channel customer support – Chat, Voice, Email

Talent Hunt  – Voice and non-voice assessments to gauge FTEs

WFM – Generate client wise KPI dashboards

Infrastructure –Fully equipped to handle logistical issues or challenges

“A friend was travelling to the States last month, and sought suggestions – I recommended Clay. He paid heed and did not face a single issue during his entire trip. He has since then recommended Clay to loads of his friends. A part of my family is settled abroad and have used more than 3 different companies but could only remain loyal to Clay” – said John Dright (customer

“I would like to share a personal experience here – last month, I was alone at home and I believe I saw something and like any other human I wanted to speak

with somebody as I was scared out of my wits, but since there was no network, I tried and tried but all in vain. That day I realized how important your phone can be and immediately switched to a better provider, who will have my back at all times. The only time I will now make a switch is when I find something better than what I have, don’t think it will happen in this lifetime J” – said Rea Floah (user)

So, Clay it is!

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