Single Sign On (SSO) & Password Management Solutions

single sign on solutions
Identity management (ID management) is the hierarchical procedure for recognizing, confirming and approving people or group of people to approach applications, frameworks or systems by giving user rights and restrictions with established identities. The organized names can likewise refer to software that needs access to organizational systems.

COMPACT IDENTITY (Identity and Access Management for SMB’s)


  • Build-In identity store: ‘Compact Identity’ ships with its own Identity Store which acts as a central directory for all ‘users’ and ‘roles’. Our solution is scalable and allows organizations to access all functions without the need for an enterprise directory.
  • Launchpad: The Compact Identity Launchpad is a standalone application that can be used to access various features of the primary solution. It sports an intuitive, smartphone-style interface. This encourages user adoption.
  • App Store: The solution ships with an App Store that offers OOB connectors to hundreds of commonly used apps. Admins can quickly setup SSO, Password Sync and Provisioning. We can upload any new custom or in-house application onto the App Store upon request.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Compact identity offers robust authentication with a variety of multifactor authentication mechanisms such as Challenge-Response and email and SMS OTP. MFA can be enabled for both global and app access.
  • Dashboard And Reporting: Our solution provides an intuitive dashboard to view common events such as the number of users log in and a list of widely accessed apps. Our solution is audit friendly and has a variety of pre-configured reports that can assist during audits and during statutory and regulatory compliance checks.
  • Mobile App: We ship our solution with a mobile app that allows you to SSO to various web apps without re-entering your credentials. It also allows you to perform activities such as ‘Password Self Service’ and Access Requests.
single sign on
  • SSO to Web Applications: We support SSO to apps that use the SAML 2.0 protocol, IdP initiated and SP-initiated SSO. We also support SSO to web apps that rely on user entered credentials for authentication.
  • SSO to Thick Client: We offer the remarkable element of Single sign-on(SSO) to Thick Client applications, for example, SAP, Skype, and Putty. All apps are accessed through the launchpad.
  • Shared Login Apps: Our solution allows organizations to enable access to apps by selecting users without revealing the credentials to them. This prevents users from accessing apps directly without the ‘Compact Identity’ solution.
  • Browser Preference SSO: We offer a ‘browser preference’ feature. You can configure certain business apps to SSO in the browser that works best for the application. This is irrespective of your default browser.
  • Self-Service Password Management: ‘Compact Identity’ allow you to change your password directly from the launchpad or from our mobile app. It also allows you to reset forgotten passwords or to unlock your accounts by verifying yourself through alternate factors.
  • Password Synchronization: Our Solution syncs passwords with on-boarded apps and updates passwords in the SSO password vault.
  • Provisioning: ‘Compact Identity’ supports the provisioning of apps to users based on their ‘role membership’. Accounts can be provisioned when someone joins and or changes roles. You can suspend or restore someone’s access to an app based on their status in Compact Identity.
  • De-Provisioning: Compact Identity automatically revokes access across all business apps when someone leaves an organization. This improves security and complies with statutory and regulatory rules.
  • Access Request: Our solution allows users to request access to any on the boarded role or an account to someone based on multi-level approval.
  • Manager Initiated Access Requests: The solution enables managers to request access to atole or app on someone’s behalf. These requests follow pre-configured multi-level approval workflows.
  • Consolidated Access View: Our solution gives admins a real-time view of user access across business apps. It enables them to see the accounts that a person holds across business apps and to take appropriate action if they find anything out of place.
  • Orphan Account Management: ‘Compact Identity’ easily detects dormant and orphan accounts across dormant and orphan accounts across business applications and allows admins to take appropriate action.
  • Easy to Use Installer: The ‘Compact Identity’ installer is quick and easy to use. What used to take more than one week can now be completed in one afternoon. You can go live early and save on implementation.
  • One Solution for All Your IAM Tasks: SSO, Password Management, 2FA, Provisioning, Access-Request, and multilevel approval workflow.
  • One Solution for All Apps: Manage all your apps including Thick client (SAP, Putty, and others) and manage passwords and SSO.
  • Efficiency and Convenience: Onboard apps for your organization from the App Store for both SSO and Provisioning. Choose from Hundreds of widely used apps add custom apps to your instance of our App Store.
  • Secure Access: Multi-factor authentication(MFA) creates secure access to apps as well as to the ‘Compact Identity’ solution. This is done at the global as well as at the application level.

Niche Identity

Niche identity is a powerful IAM solution that has different versions adapted to various industries. At its core, the product sports our Enterprise Class Single Sign-On (SSO) and Password Management solutions. Then, each distinct edition features elements required by a different industry. What enables and empowers this solution is patented technology for SSO to thick -client apps.


  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Web, Cloud and Thick Client for AD and non-AD based apps.
  • Auto Launch: Applications immediately open at a sign on.
  • Step Up Authentication: When a high-risk application requires more than a password, challenge response can be configured for Step Up Authentication.
  • Secured Shared Account Access: Users can get access to the authorized shared account without admin having to reveal credentials.
  • Browser Preference: Configure applications to open in the preferred browser during SSO
  • Secure Access: Password vaulting using AES 256-bit encryption
  • Enterprise Portal Integration: Integration with existing intranet portal so user do not have to access a new portal
  • Password Sync: Seamless Sign-on experience to Non-AD integrated applications by automatically synchronizing passwords.
  • Registration-Less Self Service: The user can process to use the services of the tool like resetting their password without the mandatory registration to the tool.
  • Mobile App-Enabled: Android & iOS
  • Multi-Language Support: Broad multilingual capacities for SMS, email, web UI and test questions.
  • Helpdesk Assisted Password Management: Helpdesk Agents can verify end-user identity through challenge-response verification though challenge-response verification or SMS OTP
  • Integration with ITSM Tool: All passphrase reset occasions can be signed in to the central ITSM tools for further revealing and observing.
  • Extensive Reporting Capability: Create passphrase reset synopsis reports, Time-spent for passphrase reset reports and different event reports Administrator can plan generation of reports and send reports to particular group consequently.
  • Flexible Self-Service Password Reset(SSPR) Policies: Admins can arrange diverse levels of SSPR strategies to various Ous/Groups/Users in the Directory Service. Likewise, they can characterize incorporation or rejection arrangements to confine client access to this solution.
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Better security
  • Reduced help-desk cost
  • Reduced audit fatigue
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Set Browser Preference
  • Easy & Intuitive user access to a launchpad
  • Integration with intranet portal
  • Boosts productivity