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This service shows our complete portfolio of Qlik Consulting services, which are all conveyed and delivered by a group of Qlik specialists who can work with you at each progression of your analytics journey. For instance, you can utilize our services to help get you up and running rapidly and in this manner re-engage us facilitate your journey when you have to use more niche expertise, for example, performance tuning or building up an governed security procedure. Our consultants are there to enable you to expand the value of all your Qlik services (QlikView, Qlik Sense, NPrinting and GeoAnalytics) wherever you deploy them: on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Our objective is always to ensure you can end up plainly independent and capable in utilizing Qlik, regardless of whether you are responsible for a Qlik deployment, rolling it out in your team, legitimizing a budgetary interest in Qlik, or implementation Qlik services for a customer.


Maximize our skills

Qlik Learning offers a rich blend of training choices, resources, technology and innovation, all intended to augment achievement of your development, deployment and utilization of Qlik. Regardless of whether you are a business user, business analyst, data architect, system administrator or web developer, Qlik has a training option to address your issues. We will work with you to characterize your exact training prerequisites, to ensure that yourself or your staff gets the correct level of learning and execution support (discovering that the client gets to in their everyday activity) at the ideal time in the deplyoment life cycle. Furthermore, our training methods spread not just the capacities and abilities of Qlik Sense and QlikView, but also analytics and data literacy learning complementary skills that are not Qlik specific, but are required for you to perform your job. Qlik Education quickens the adoption of visual analytics by giving environments which expel basic learning obstructions and give clients an organized way to build information about Qlik applications. With Qlik Education your company will: 1. Improve execution – Get your business clients to top efficiency and boost your ROI 2. Drive coordinated effort — Train your associates together so they quickly see how Qlik's social visual analytics potential empower them to work together on analytics more than ever 3. Realize what's vital to you — We also provide custom fitted workshops to prepare your clients to utilize Qlik applications based on your needs and prerequisites


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Upgrade to our Enterprise Support program for direct access to our experts, 24/7. Get your issues settled with the largest amount of productivity, effectiveness and urgency. Benefit from high-value resources services and its high esteem assets.


ARIS cloud is a full scale Business Process Analysis-as- a-Service product. It powers collaborative process improvements projects around the world. Subscribe to ARIS cloud to analyze, share and enhance business processes within minutes. ARIS cloud is accessible in three versions: Basic, Advanced and Enterprise, each giving you the correct features for your present business needs

Prime methodology


Our ARIS specialists can help you: 1. Outline and plan your Digital Enterprise utilizing ARIS and also document and design your business and IT technique, procedures and models 2. Design, implement and monitor all stages of your business process automation controlled by webMethods BPM

Support Services

Get proactive support for your digital transformation of business

Today it's not a question if your business ought to be digitized or not. It truly should be for your business to survive. Our suggestion? Plan instantly! Recognize your objectives and transform them into a digital stragety. Characterize customer satisfaction and loyalty as your key differentiator and set on the correct IT solution to maintain your digital business. Pick ARIS to make sense of the WHAT, WHY and HOW to digitize! We provide support services in the following: –
  • Mastering digital transformation
  • Customer experience management
  • Enterprise management systems
  • Process driven journey to SAP solutions


We help business process analysts understand, explore and maximize the skills of ARIS.

  • Basic ARIS Designer
  • ARIS Administration
  • ARIS Simulation
  • ARIS IT Architect
  • ARIS Business Architect for SAP
  • Basic ARIS Reporting with WYSIWYG Editor
  • ARIS Report Scripting
  • ARIS Business Publisher Layout Customisation
  • ARIS BPMN Modeling
  • ARIS Business Optimiser
  • ARIS BSC training
  • ARIS Business Strategy training
  • ARIS SOA training
  • ARIS UML training
  • ARIS MASHZONE Training
  • ARIS Process Governance Training

Customer care

Customer care that allows you build strong relationships by delivering a customized, multichannel customer experience.

Giving extraordinary customer care encourages you construct connections that enhance customer satisfaction, support reliability, and spur income development. Give Clay Tech a chance to enable you to convey a customized, multichannel customer experience that meets your customer care and business objectives while bringing down your service management costs. We join many years of involvement with our coordinated, end-to- end solutions of cutting edge advanced analytics, omni channel innovation, and worldwide outsourcing to configure, bring together, and upgrade the client care experience.

Technical support

Multichannel users and technical support solutions for an expansive range of products and services.

Speed Resolution for Your Rapidly Changing, Complex Products Nowadays, new soft wares and technologies can be released day by day or even hourly to your clients. Your technical support desk needs to stay aware of quick changes, as well as help make the complexities extremely basic for your clients. Regardless of whether your clients are purchasers or organizations, Clay Tech has you secured. Our multi-layered technical support team helps offering customized and most advanced service management solution to everybody from new clients with routine inquiries to IT experts requiring propelled technical support help from engineers with profound experience and propelled accreditations.


Having the correct chat specialists can represent the moment of truth for any chat session. Give clients the talk encounter they expect.

Advanced engagement is solid and developing, and organizations that don't have a solid digital system will be deserted. Clients anticipate that organizations to respect their time, and they incline toward "low rubbing" computerized channels for faster and easier resolution of their raised concerns. As an ever increasing number of clients look for the quickness of advanced help, “chat agent” solutions are turning into a need of customer care. Regardless of whether you officially offer chat solutions and need to support its adequacy or are recently starting your digital care journey, Clay Tech can offer assistance. Clay Tech’s Chat Agent Solution conveys the chat engagement services your clients request, with the operational help and versatility your organization needs. Sponsored by the biggest system of talk involvement on the planet, Clay Tech brings interesting worldwide viewpoints, best practice norms, and information rich bits of knowledge crosswise over enterprises and stages to improve chat solutions as a major aspect of your digital engagement and self-service strategy.

Customer support tools:

We are the pioneers of some of the greatest customer support tools: –

  • Ticket Management System
  • Work Flow Management
  • Reporting software
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Dashboard and Analytics on client’s KPIs on a real time basis

Strong Team

Our experienced leaders

Our experienced leaders understand this line of business and that’s why they always ensure to stay ahead of the game. In order to ensure a seamless operation, our ecosystem is designed in an extremely planned way to handle any project.
  • Strategic Quality Team
  • Transactional Quality Team
  • Work Flow Management
  • Product and Process Training
  • Voice and Accent Training
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • IT
  • Strong Customer support tools
  • Leaders

Fastest ROI

Our robot costs 3 times not as much as a full-time representative, while outflanking him. Our robots are error free and they work independently. In under a year, most associations as of now have a positive rate of return. Organizations need to anticipate both the here and now and the long haul. We urge ventures to prepare to stun the world, begin little, and scale quick. Amid the underlying stages, they need to precisely choose what to mechanize by examining end-to-end business forms. An RPA COE must be established. Then, begin to automate those processes that are highly standardized, and which have a large and engaged headcount. Here are the steps, in order, of doing this:
  • Identify processes that are candidates for automation
  • Perform a feasibility assessment
  • Perform a complexity estimate
  • Calculate expected ROI
  • Prioritize automation projects
  • Manage development resources
  • Review code
  • Test code
  • Deploy production bots
  • Manage production operations
Key success criteria during initial phases should include the speed of automation, the number of automation fulltime equivalents that are created, and the ROI. Once you’ve achieved initial success, expand your COE and create a bigger pool of processes to automate.

Limitless automation

Most RPA stages basically adjust to associations, while our own develops together with you. Our RPAaaS extensible engineering imbued with prescient examination, psychological abilities and computerized reasoning can mechanize a regularly expanding number of complex procedures. One open stage, boundless customization.
  • Cost Reduction: The business ought to figure the quantity of fulltime representatives supplanted, the ROIs on different procedures, and the effect on the association’s main concern. For instance, RPA mitigates the need to burn through cash on framework incorporations.
  • Time: The business ought to investigate the efficiencies picked up, incorporating decreases in process duration, and quicker time to advertise prompting sooner and higher acknowledgment of income
  • Quality: Finally, the business ought to recognize how robotized forms dispose of the human blunders that regularly happen in everyday, tedious procedures. It ought to compute how higher-quality items and administrations can expand mark value, lessen or take out consistence punishments, and limit client benefit grievances and expenses

Quick Implementation

By joining intuitive tools, adaptable innovation and best-in-class strategy, We help organizations, in the speediest way that is available. Die hard devotion groups and guaranteed worldwide accomplices work next to each other with our clients to make each RPA travel a win. A center of excellence (COE) is the best course to go in light of the fact that it gives you more control, and empowers you to convey RPA in a way that is more secure and consistent. A COE additionally causes you work in-house mechanization capacities, the advantages of which will develop later on medium-to long haul. A COE additionally gives greater adaptability and space to experimentation with various robotization structures. On the off chance that you need to computerize countless inside a shorter time period, you can frequently connect with the administrations of a third party expert accomplice instead of outsourcing the everyday operations as you would with RPA as a service.

Global deployment

Global Helpline Service – Intelligent SOS Engine – Alarm on Security Challenges.

Make a workforce that performs at low costs, around the world. Our arrangements permit self-sufficient clients from different specialty units and geologies to work from one single secure server, by means of cloud or on premises. An average RPA usage expects organizations to adopt an organized and efficient strategy executed through a SDLC-like structure. We prescribe framing three sorts of groups:
  • Bump Team: This group is involved business process specialists or SMEs whose jobs are to identify processes that can be automated.
  • Set Team: This group utilizes arrangement solution architect who plan the most ideal approach to robotize a given process and design the solution (the bots). This group additionally has obligation to survey the precision and proficiency of the bots as they travel through the lifecycle from improvement, to test, to creation.
  • Strike Team. This team is made up of automation experts who take the design from the Set Team and actually automate the selected processes.


Clay Tech emerges with regards to quality mobile application development. With capacities of on-board business analysts, UI & UX designers, native iOS and Android engineers, cross-platform engineers, testing and IT support, we give unmatched mobile application development services to build solutions that solve genuine issues. For over 3 years now, Clay Tech has effectively delivered mobile solutions for applications across multiple business verticals. With focus on our customers' prosperity we build custom mobile application solutions that harden their plan of action, empowering mobility. With our different perspective for each mobile application and target-client, we create applications that produce business for our customer. We fill in as “one-stop shop” for mobile applications consultants, study, discover, UI & UX design, development, deployment, maintenance and digital marketing Technologies:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Cross Platform

Web App Development

Clay Tech as an emerging web application development organization adopts exceptionally settled in and astute strategy towards web application development. Our experts start with the assessment of customer's business needs. The way to a strong web application development is customer's interaction and as such Clay Tech conjoins customers with right web engineers so we ensure delivery excellence. We give web application advancement services for simple landing page to complex customized solutions helping customers accomplish their business objectives adequately. We offer an expansive scope of services comprehensive of custom programming, application development, content management system development and many more. Technologies:
  • Dot Net
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Jquery
  • MVC


Lower the AHT and increase your productivity

  • Development on latest technologies and best methods
  • Technically robust team of domain specialists
  • Responsive interface with great UX
  • Strong emphasis on business needs and ROI
  • Flexibility of personalized web apps so that client can easily and quickly respond to changing business situations
  • Timely delivery with controlled budget
  • Strong project management involvement
Responsive – We build sites that work perfectly on all mobile and web platforms with view-port that identifies device screen resolution and design components. Development – With a gigantic pool of experienced, comprehensive and in place improvement group on board, we compose functionalities for the World Wide Web. Quality Standards & Delivery Excellence – We make high performance sites with the support of our DE members. They do strong road mapping of design and development alongside stringent quality measures.

Some of the industries where Clay Tech has shown a massive impact

  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Telecom
  • Restaurant
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Insurance