Global Travel Intelligence Alerts

Worldwide Intelligent System – Broadcast Pro creates Intelligence alerts, Location intelligence and risk ratings for the travelers.

Our global intelligence system not only monitors the worldwide potential threats on a real time basis, but with our crowd source actionable intelligence, SMEs, streamlines processes and analytics, we help reduce the potential business risks by delivering alerts, assessments, location intelligence and security/risk ratings as per the geolocation of the traveler.

Trip Briefs, Location Information & Risk Ratings

Know your Destination – Refresh your location information when you land in a new country.

Our Broadcast Pro server triggers a “Trip Brief” of the location at the registered email ID of the traveler. Trip Briefs provide access to the latest intelligence for a location by severity, health, transportation and entry/exit categories, as well as useful telephone numbers, a five-day weather forecast, currency exchange rates, and any current active alerts which impact the location.


Group Communication Platform – Want to make an announcement for a shelter-in-place emergency?

Want to make an announcement for a shelter-in-place emergency? Send a broadcast message to all the conference attendees. Security communications platform conglomerates a portable claim and a cloud-based thorough knowledge console, permitting people to drive actionable crowd-sourced intellect to link people to the assistance required. Organization’s announcement A platform to ensure all the travelers are connected to each other Send messages via push notification and text Once your travelers are in sync with your cloud account, you can start sending notifications, company announcements through cloud messaging and text messaging to keep all the travelling employees informed and stay ahead in their official travels. This 2-way communication system will act as a very strong enterprise communication platform for all the group travelers and the people managers as they extend the degree of personal safety and care for each other.
Broadcast Pro Announcement
Connected Travellers
Messages Push Notifications

SOS Management

Global Helpline Service – Intelligent SOS Engine – Alarm on Security Challenges.

Broadcast Pro addresses the alarming travel security challenges through its SOS Management Platform. It’s Global hotline feature provides your traveler with a one place in the app to call 24*7 from anywhere in the world. This intelligent system not only allows you to quickly connect to the global hotline services but also allows the administrators or security personnel to get the precise location of the traveler at risk and helps them to confirm the safety of the travelers with its streamlined abilities. The administrators or security personnel gets notifications whenever an SOS is raised. Our SOS engine is so ntelligent that it also communicates with all the intelligent alerts, acknowledges them and ensures that it raises SOS automatically by mapping the impacted location from the alerts and any impacted traveler in those locations from the safety map.


Global Monitoring System – Travel safety is in the DNA of the Broadcast Pro.

With Broadcast Pro global monitoring system, we enable you to track, monitor and manage your people on real time basis so you respond to potential or imminent threats and keep your people safe. The platform also enables you to integrate Geo fencingto meet your needs. Broadcast Pro features the global monitoring system which enables you to track, monitor and manage your people on real time basis so you respond to potential or imminent threats and keep your people safe. The platform also enables you to integrate Geo fencing to meet your needs. Travel safety is in the DNA of the Broadcast Pro. The Platform of Broadcast Pro has a very smart cloud based dashboard for the Administrators and a very friendly mobile application for all the travelers. This platform allows all your people managers to locate and communicate with employees anywhere in the world in real-time via the Broadcast Pro app. With our patented positioning system, the Cloud based technology connects to the travelers through company’s Broadcast Pro Account.

Lead Management and Acceleration

Lead Qualification Engine – Helps identify the leads which have maximum potential. This will bring the leads down to the sales funnel

Lead capture connectors – Lead capture connectors are required to ensure zero lead leakage for all the communication components: Chat component: These leads should auto land into the Sales platform
  • Telephony connectors
  • Third party lead generation sources
  • Webinar
  • Email
Website Widgets – Another way to increase leads online. This widget helps you put a call to action on the top of your website. This will increase sales leads from the existing website traffic Name and Design: We can create “claim the offer” pages which would further create a landing page where you would ask the visitor to come on the page and submit the information to claim the offer. Placement/Visibility: As a marketer, you can decide which all pages this offer will be reflecting. Like on all the pages or specific pages Duration settings: You can decide the time when the offer will be visible.

Marketing Campaign and automation

Landing page creation – Convert online traffic into leads.

It is used by marketers to convert online traffic into leads. Usually, when you have multiple products, when you take your traffic to your own website, then you may lose the traffic because the website talks about all the products and not necessarily about the marketed product. However, when a user comes in using a paid channel like google sites or Facebook, he is likely to be interested in one single product and with this, marketer gets the opportunity to work on the landing page of just a single product and takes the traffic to the same product. When can create responsive landing pages for all platforms like computer, smartphone or tablets. To increase sales leads from the online investment which includes spend on paid traffic like online, social and organic traffic To increase the leads which come from variety of sources like web, email chat, telephone, webinar etc.

Business Intelligence

Analytics and Reports: KPI based dashboards

Once a sale is recorded, a relationship value gets assigned with the lead. If you sale a 10,000USD worth of product to a lead, then the value of this lead becomes 10,000. You can showcase reports in future where you can display product wise sales and the relationship value wise leads for each product so you share discount coupons with those leads. This is Relationship value based marketing Smart and Advanced Filters – Ability to filter out leads and look at the leads which are of interest to you at a given point. These filters help narrow down the leads and focus on the important ones. With the smart filters, we can filter out the leads who have responded to us in the last 7 days, who have received our emails. Auto responders: Nurturing: Ability to filter out leads and look at the leads which are of interest to you at a given point. These filters help narrow down the leads and focus on the important ones. With the smart filters, we can filter out the leads who have responded to us in the last 7 days, who have received our emails.

Sales order management

Sales – Manage your pre and post sales activities and complete the life cycle of your service

Daily Sales Activities – Insert your daily sales activities Sales order creation – Once a sales order is created, it goes through the following stages to get flagged as Order –Active
  • Order creation
  • Customer grievance management stage
  • Billings
  • Collections
  • Order Closed

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory – It helps you keep a track of your inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries

  • Inventory uploading
  • Inventory Assignment
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Inventory Threshold Auto emailers

Workflow management

Create a work flow system
  • Create single, group or multi-tiered approvals
  • Run parallel or sequential flows
  • Set up reminders, customizable notifications, and time-outs
  • Create child processes
  • Create simple or complex business rules
  • Assign tasks and approvals
  • Collaborate on tasks and requests

Ticket management system

Our ticket management system is an extension to the workflow management tool. With this intelligent tool, you can bring your intra – departmental business processes come together.
  • Auto movement of tickets from one department to another
  • Define business rules
  • Real time Ticket status
  • Ticket wise average handling time
  • SLA Management and Auto mailers
  • Dispositions of tickets
  • Call driver wise root cause
  • Controllable vs Controllable
  • KPI based reports and Analytics

Project and Performance Management

This extension of workflow management system is one of the business essentials for any organization. You can ensure maximum utilization of resources, performance measurement, project management and timelines, productivity with KPI based average handling time
  • User creation
  • Task/Project creation and mapping with Target Average Handling time
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Time and Motion study
  • Agent wise Productivity hours/Non-productivity hours
  • Performance metrics and review
  • Individual wise Task wise Target vs Achievement on Average Handling Time
  • Helps in Training Needs Identification (TNI)
  • Helps in BQ formulation
  • Performance report

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has been the most disruptive innovation that has changed business & technology services during the last decade. Especially in last 5 years the innovation in mobility has been at the speed of light. During 2005-10 Mobility was all about sending emails via mobile while now it is carrying office in mobile. People have the luxury of working out of office with no impact in productivity. Is it managing Lead and Sales for Sales teams, Issues and Ticket management for Technical teams, Logistics and Supply chain and even Collection for Credit control teams all can be tracked via mobile and this too in real time.


  • Workforce Automation
  • Sales Force Automation
  • End user applications
  • Team Collaboration
  • Dashboards for Stakeholders
Clay Enterprise mobility solutions enable the mobile workforce with anytime; anywhere secure access to critical business information to execute tasks while on-the- go. This Mobile application enables the Sales Force to stay connected to their work even when they are outside their respective offices. It resides on field sales person’s phone/tablet and is used as a tool to get daily tour plan, sales order updating, collection updating and real-time tracking of the sales people.

Business Benefits

  • Real time updates
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduction of manpower cost
  • Reduction in travel cost
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved Partner/Dealer satisfaction
  • Authentication of the field forces feedback
  • Voice of customer


  • Bundled offer of Application, Connectivity and device if required
  • Offered both on OPEX and CAPEX model
  • Device vendor agnostic solution
  • Works on multiple operating systems – Android and IOS
  • Hosting the services at Clay Tech’s Data Centre
  • Application can be customized basis your business requirement
  • Ability to integrate with the existing systems – ERP / CRM, if required.

Easy process governance

Knowledge Management System: Manage your Knowledge and govern your process

Clay digital learning solutions really require a strong business process management in the organization to ensure that each change is being recorded and updated in the system. This customer support tool will apparently govern not just the process but the people who are responsible for customer handling. Imagine, you are handling an irate customer and your customer support tool helps you in every stage of the call. From making an apology statement to providing a resolution, Clay Digital learning solution guides your customer care executive to ensure CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), FCR (First Call Resolution), NCP (next call prevention) and all the possible KPIs and matrices which are driven by your client.

Easy to design & implement

Artificial Intelligence empowered Call Flow

Clay Digital learning tool is a strong customer support tool which can be designed and implemented by the subject matter experts, quality Analysts and the trainers. Once the Knowledge is validated, any of these stakeholders can embed the same in the “Customer Support Tool” so the customer care executives can use the same while handling their customers. It’s AI empowered probing engine can be integrated and used in any CRM so the customer care executives ask right questions to get to the solution. This tool is easy to design develop, customize and implement in every customer facing vertical

Reduce the AHT of your calls

Lower the AHT and increase your productivity

Average Handle Time (AHT) is one of the most critical call center KPIs that measures the average time of contact between a customer care agent and a customer. It assesses the efficiency of a call center with an objective to improve call center agent’s productivity and customer satisfaction (CSAT). There are important ways to ensure that the AHT goes down without compromising on the CSAT and FCR. Clay digital learning tools ensure the same by delivering the following: –
  • Focus on Agent’s Training and Coaching
  • Quicken your verbiage
  • Streamline Agent Workflows and Processes
  • Go in for a Knowledge Management system

Next Call Prevention

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

Clay’s Customer Support Tool helps your customer care executives to pre-empt and prevent the future calls of the customer by providing a complete FCR (First Call Resolution). In every customer journey, there are numerous occasions that are unequivocally corresponded with certain subsequent actions. At the point when a customer calls with a particular inquiry, buys a specific product, and makes a payment, there is generally a resulting question that can be anticipated in the primary communication with the customer. Next Call Prevention is a WOW factor in the space of customer service. Our Customer Support Tool enables your SMEs, QAs and trainers to insert “Issue wise – Next Call Prevention” knowledge base for the agents

Some of the industries where Clay Tech has shown a massive impact

  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Telecom
  • Restaurant
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Insurance